It's all in the eljest


Length: 180 cm

Weight: 75 - 105 kg

Suit size: 50 - 52

Shirt size: 43

Jeans size: 34/34 - 38/34

Shoe size: 43-44 wide

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Born in Örnsköldsvik hospital, but passport says Skog, which is the village we lived in for my first four years of life. The village Skog (forest) is next to the village Träsk (swamp) near Kramfors (river rapids of hugs). Right next to the High Coast world heritage.

My roots on my fathers side is Piteå and Finland, among those the Wahlroos family. My roots on my mothers side is Jämtland, among those the notable politician Hans Andersson (Hansander) and possibly Harald Fairhair of Norway through ancestry in Trondheim.

My wife Angsana is from Sing Buri, Thailand. Her roots on her fathers side is Chumpon and Japan. Her roots on her mothers side is Sing Buri.

Our son Gerdboond was born in Rayong, Thailand in May 2017.

Our son Thai-Tai was born in Sundsvall, Sweden in June 2020.

We currently reside in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Right next to the High Coast world heritage